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How I Hack Spirit Airlines to Get Even Cheaper Airfare

People are always asking me how I fly for so dern cheap. Well tonight I decided to record a video to show you not only how my son and I are flying from Chicago to Denver to less than $20 each...


Is Spirit Airlines really that 'cheap'?

ABC15's Kimberly Cheng put Spirit Airlines to the test to see how "cheap" it really is.


5 Ways To (Really) Fly Cheaply On Spirit Airlines

In this video, I give 5 tips to avoiding extra fees while flying with Spirit Airlines. It is cheap airline but only the fare is cheap. The extras are expense. I did the research and then traveled...


Cheap Flights| Round Trip Flight For 45 Dollars| Flying Spirit Airlines

Want to book cheap flights? How we got flights for a family of four for 178.00 round trip!!! No credit card rewards, no special fare clubs! We booked using Spirit Airlines Pack in A Spirit...


Clark Howard Beats the Spirit Fees

Flying Spirit Airlines anytime soon? Clark shows you where you'll be nickel-and dimed for their notorious add-on fees...and how to beat some of them.


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Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat review

To carry on a bag for free, get one of these... The Big Front Seat option on Spirit Airlines is a huge change from the very tight standard seats, and a very comfortable...


Spirit Airlines ✈A321✈ Tampa ➠ Houston

Welcome back to my final video for my February trip. Hope yall enjoy it! Spirit Airlines NK/NKS 315 Tampa TPA to Houston IAH A321-200 Sharklets - N660NK.


Spirit Airlines: How to Save Money on Airfare

I started traveling with Spirit Airlines a little over a year and half ago, and it has saved me SO much money on airfare! My family loves to travel, but, let's face it, traveling can get expensive...


I Will Never Fly SPIRIT AIRLINES Again! | RANT

That was my first and last experience with Spirit Airlines. No thank you. SUBSCRIBE! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: http://ins...


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