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How I Hack Spirit Airlines to Get Even Cheaper Airfare

People are always asking me how I fly for so dern cheap. Well tonight I decided to record a video to show you not only how my son and I are flying from Chicago to Denver to less than $20 each...


Cheap Flights| Round Trip Flight For 45 Dollars| Flying Spirit Airlines

Want to book cheap flights? How we got flights for a family of four for 178.00 round trip!!! No credit card rewards, no special fare clubs! We booked using Spirit Airlines Pack in A Spirit...


Cheap flights with Spirit Airlines

Here are some tips on how to find cheap airline tickets with Spirit Airlines, hope this helps you out SAVE SOME MONEY. LIKES LIKES LIKES. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe...


5 Ways To (Really) Fly Cheaply On Spirit Airlines

In this video, I give 5 tips to avoiding extra fees while flying with Spirit Airlines. It is cheap airline but only the fare is cheap. The extras are expense. I did the research and then traveled...


I Will Never Fly SPIRIT AIRLINES Again! | RANT

That was my first and last experience with Spirit Airlines. No thank you. SUBSCRIBE! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: http://ins...


How to avoid fees on Spirit Airlines | Nik Scott

So, we finally did it. We actually flew Spirit Airlines and DIDN'T end up paying an arm and a leg! The flight was THAT bad, actually. The seats are squishy and they do try to stick you for...


It's Okay to Fly Spirit Airlines!

As always, don't mind the chirp on my smoke detector! It gets hard for big families to book vacations sometimes because of the cost of booking multiple airline tickets. When flying in the...


Is Spirit Airlines really that 'cheap'?

ABC15's Kimberly Cheng put Spirit Airlines to the test to see how "cheap" it really is.


Spirit airlines boarding flight 231 flying from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale

FYI this was my first ever flight I had been on, so it was a neat experience for me.


Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat review

To carry on a bag for free, get one of these... The Big Front Seat option on Spirit Airlines is a huge change from the very tight standard seats, and a very comfortable...


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