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Why I Will Never Use CheapOAir.com - CheapOAir Sucks

I'm tired of shitty customer service from online companies... And CheapOAir.com is perhaps the worst. I had read where others accuse them of being a scam - I'm ...


CHEAPOAIR - The good, the bad and the ugly wanted ..... tell me what you think

Sponsor Archie Luxury on Patreon! Monthly Contribution helps Archie! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=788870&ty=h Hello, I am unable to give FREE advice ...


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Amtrak Snow-mo Collision TRAIN

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Orbitz search flaw that will cost you money

Why Orbitz.com sucks: 1) go to Orbitz.com 2) enter your departure city as: "San Jose, CA (SJC)" (all the text inside the quotes) 3) enter "Las Vegas, NV" as the ...


Terrible customer Service - Part 2


Fareportal NYC Office & Members - Sept 24, 2009

From entry until Harsh's (CTO) office. We have couple people missing in the office however this is how it looks.


2017-05-26 07:21:26